ELSTEEL Verified MCC and DB
Fully Verified MCC
Fully Verified Assemblies
Fully Verified DB

Techno Module MCC

Elsteel Motor Control Centre

Fixed mounting plate, plugable & fully withdrawable functional units. Up to form 4b.

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Distribution Boards

Elsteel Power Distribution

Tested with all important switchgear according to IEC61439 1/2.
Schneider, ABB, Siemens, GE

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Wallmount DBs

Elsteel Wall Mount DB

A comprehensive range.
Fully modular & fixed type DB's.
Available in Mild and Stainless Steel

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Busbar Systems


System tested up to 7100 A at 100 kA/s & 50 kA/3s. Busbars top, center and bottom possible.

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Africa's ex-stock modular assembly supplier - Up to 7100 A

Large Low Voltage Modular MCC's and Power Distribution (IEC 61439-1/2 Verified) Assemblies are supplied directly from stock. Delivered anywhere in Africa, virtually at one day's notice in either flat pack or fully built-up units. Busbar systems designed and built to client specification. In-door and out-door DB's ex-stock.

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